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Our Philosophy

Our trucks and drivers reflect the values and mission of our parent company, Lafromboise Communications, Inc.

Our trucks and drivers reflect the values and mission of our parent company, Lafromboise Communications, Inc.

Printing is an image business. Whether you’re announcing a new product, advertising a big promotion or spreading the word about your company through business cards, brochures or newsletters, the right look makes all the difference.

When your company is getting ready to put something down on paper, our creative team is here to help you consider all the possibilities. And, we have the professional know-how to produce quality printing you can be proud of. Stop in today and let us show you what we can do!


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About Chronicle Printing


The Chronicle Print Division, located at 3802 Galvin Road in the Port of Centralia

The Chronicle Print Division began to outgrow our facilities (due to increased business and large projects) at the historic Chronicle building, located at 321 N. Pearl Street, in downtown Centralia.

After a lengthy and exhaustive search, which included help from community members and city, county and Port of Centralia officials, a building was located at 3802 Galvin Road in the Port of Centralia.

This move allowed all the departments related to production: presses for both our web printing and sheet fed printing (formerly known as Print Pro) and supporting equipment and technology, inserting equipment, some pre-press work and the packaging operations to relocate from it’s current space of about 12,000 sq. ft., to a space that was more than double in size, and with more adequate facilities, sizing up at about 29,000 sq. ft.

The Chronicle Print Division

The Chronicle Print Division

Beginning in October of 2003, about 35 full-time staff began the process of relocating machines and infrastructure for the new print facility. The move also opened the door for more than 30 positions to be created and filled at the new facility.

The state-of-the art facility opened on January 1, 2004 and boasts some of the top technology in the Southwest Washington region. The Chronicle Print Facility prints The Chronicle, The Nisqually Valley News, The Reflector, Southwest Washington Family Magazine, The Aberdeen Daily World, The Vidette and many, many more affiliated publications each month.

Our technology also includes the latest in cost-effective printing for sheetfed and web press, giving our business clients, organizations and individuals more options for affordable, quality printing.

We are proud of our facility and our staff is like a second family to many. We take pride in the products we create and produce — and we can’t wait to impress you with the results.


Lafromboise Communications, Inc. Mission Statement

To be the best source of community journalism and quality projects and services in our markets.

  • Integrity — we will operate with honesty and substance.
  • Loyalty — to the owner, the company and each other.
  • Value — to our customers, profits for our ownership and meaningful jobs for our employees.
  • Service — to our community through our products and our civic participation.