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FTP Your Files

To request your unique FTP account…

  • Contact your sales rep or call 360-807-8716 to set up your FTP
  • Once it is set up you will receive a unique user name and password
  • Log in with your favorite FTP client (i.e. FileZilla, Fetch!, Transmit, etc.)

For more help on logging in with ftp click here.

VIDEO: Understanding Resolution


The Chronicle uses a PDF workflow. All files must be sent as a PDF.

Web Offset Press

    • Color Settings
      • Dot Gain 30%
      • Black Ink Limit 95
      • Total Ink Limit 275
      • Photo DPI 180-200
      • Photo Line Screen 100 lpi

Sheetfed Press

      • Color Settings
        • Dot Gain 10%
        • Photo DPI 300
        • Photo Line Screen 150 lpi


Photoshop Settings

To change the settings in photoshop for The Chronicle Web Press go to:
Edit / color settings.


You should end up with something that looks like below. The rgb will default to what you are using or be off if you are using a calibrated monitor.

Change the settings to match the following. Hit “OK” and name it Chronicle or something similar.


To apply this profile to your whole Creative Suite start up Bridge. Go to edit/color settins. Choose your new profile (i.e. chronicle). Now this profile is in use in Illustrator and Indesign.

If You are sending a sheetfed job you will need to create a separate profile using the above sheetfed settings.

Sheetfed Settings



VIDEO: Converting/Processing Images for RGB/CMYK/Print

VIDEO: Preparing for Print With InDesign


Image size

The safe area to build your document. Don’t place photos, text, art, and logos outside this area.

The image area does NOT include the margins.

Note: Some people prefer to build their documents with the margins, others build without margins. We can handle them either way. Just remember to center the image area within the margins.

Center Image Area

Keep your margins equal. i.e. top margin equals bottom, left equals right. We center our ripped pages in the templates, (we can work with offset pages but it takes a lot more time).


At least 3/8 inch of bleed past the finished document size. Make sure you have the same amount of bleed on all sides. And the image area centered within the bleed. We will handle the excess bleed on the spine (folded edge) in house.


VIDEO: Exporting a PDF from Photoshop

VIDEO: Exporting a PDF from InDesign (Direct Export)

VIDEO: Exporting a PDF from Illustrator

VIDEO: Exporting a PDF from Microsoft Word